SG Geek Girls Maker Series #3 with Cindy Lin

In our earlier interview with Cindy, we talked about The Nenek Project. In the 3rd edition of our Maker Series talks, we had the opportunity to catch Cindy before she flew off to Michigan to do her PhD in Information Science with her talk on “Snails, herbs and Ibu-Ibu: Recounting transnational tinkering moments“.

Snails, herbs and Ibu-Ibu- Recounting


In the cosy space of IDA@Labs in National Design Centre, Cindy shared about her projects and collaborations such as:

– Starting the Sewon Food Lab, a space not only for urban farming and food experimentation but also acts as a springboard for critical discussion surrounding issues such as food safety and security, agricultural productivity, health and medicine, biodiversity, and in large, our human-nonhuman relations

– DIY projects and workshops such as creating personal lubricants, dispelling stereotypes in Indonesia

Making abstract paper sculptures with snail poo (!!!)

– Squat & Grow, a quasi-legal gathering of tinkerers, enthusiasts and amateurs in Singapore creating a space of transient food fancy and bacteria economies.

– (Re)Thinking Invasive Alien Species, a project that wishes to not only trace the introductions and establishments of invasive alien species, but also to probe the varied human definitions of nativity and non-nativity. (Again, using snails!)

Please check out her super interesting talk:

Special thanks to:

  • Cindy for the sharing with us,  you can see more about her work at
  • IDA@Labs for sponsoring the venue
  • Engineers.SG for recording this talk and putting it up so quickly!

Bio: Cindy Lin


Cindy Lin is a researcher dedicated to the study of shared technological and scientific spaces, vernacular technologies and intergenerational knowledge exchanges in the Global South. Her previous ethnographic work involved extensive fieldwork on the politics of DIY maker and hacker culture in Indonesia and the complex flows of scientific and technological information across nation-state boundaries. She will be a PhD Student at the School of Information, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor this Fall 2015.