Singapore Geek Girls comes to an end

Thank you for your support for Singapore Geek Girls.

After 7 years, we have come to a close.

HUGE thank you to all of our speakers, workshop coaches and our community for supporting us through the years! We hope you continue to participate and help shape our industry.

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January 12, 2020

Singapore Geek Girls was launched as a passion project back in 2013 with a small team. At the time there were few tech-focused diversity and inclusion initiatives in Singapore. Events or conversations around women in technology were not as common, so we set out to create a casual and friendly platform for females to learn from each other, share their stories and experiences of working in the tech industry. We wanted to  encourage and inspire other women and girls to celebrate their successes, as well as to highlight their intelligence and work.

We made the decision to be volunteer based from the start. While there were sponsors and small fees collected to help pay for the costs of workshop venues, refreshments, there was never any intention to monetize. We relied on the passion and goodwill of the broader local tech community. Over the years we have seen so many of our participants doing incredible things in tech. From girls choosing to study CS in university after trying their hands at coding at our workshops, to women who’ve grown in their careers and reach the top level. We are overwhelmed by the support from our coaches, guest speakers and members who volunteered their time and asked for nothing in return. 

Conversations surrounding diversity, inclusion and educational initiatives for women in tech have become more commonplace in Singapore. There is still some way to go but the time has come for this project to end. It’s time to make space for other projects. We are proud of the work we’ve done and hope you will connect, share and learn from each other through other incredible initiatives as well.

You can get involved in these other Women in Tech communities:

Or check out for all the other tech communities in Singapore!

For full time Singapore-based coding classes, check out Jumpstart by Thoughtworks, General Assembly, or Upcode Academy.

Singapore Geek Girls would not have been possible without our team and the community at large. Thank you for supporting us through the years.

Special thanks to…

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our team members, past and present:

Joyce @joycehliting
Mingfei @mingfeiy
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Elisha @elishatan

all our coaches and volunteers…

who have helped us with everything from leading coding workshops, speaking at our events, photography, hosting and more.And finally, THANK YOU to our community…for attending our events, listening to our stories and connecting with each other!

Much love from ❤️
Singapore Geek Girls