SG Geek Girls Reboot! Featuring Anthea Tang, GM, Rokkan Singapore

It’s been a while since we’ve done a meetup and we’ve missed you! We had a special reboot meetup on 27th September at a brand new, swanky, co-working space in Orchard called Spacemob and had so many lovely people join us! Here’s a quick summary of the talks and the video links for you to watch the recaps if you’ve missed them!

SG Geek Girls Meetup featuring Anthea Tang, GM, Rokkan Singapore

Speaker #1: Anthea Tang, GM, Rokkan Singapore

From a degree in industrial engineering, to working on optimizing public transport through software, and now being MD of a digital creative agency, Anthea shared about her journey with the many sides of technology and how a background in tech gave her a headstart in her career. Watch her full talk if you’re wondering how a background in tech can bring you places!

Speaker #2: Roopal Kondepudi

is (was) the youngest attendee of our first SG Geek Girls workshop back in 2012! 4 years on, she’s come a long way from our HTML and CSS workshop! Roopal talked about the apps she’s been working on (FloraSG) and her experience setting up a Geek Girls chapter in her school 😉 Super inspiring talk for all ages!

Special thanks to our sponsors!

Spacemob: (venue sponsor)

Spacemob is a coworking space that builds foundations for businesses by providing space, technology, and connections. By laying down the groundwork, companies can thrive with purpose. With their space as the starting point, Spacemob is endlessly building proprietary tools like with member matching technologies to enable you to augment your business, and scale it to the heights of your imagination.

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 O’Reilly for sponsoring some very cool swag!

We gave away books about data science sponsored by O’Reilly, they’re having a cool Strata + Hadoop World conference in December at Suntec – you should check it out!