SG Geek Girls Maker Series Talk #2: The Paradox of Online Collaboration by Anna Filippova

“The paradox of online collaboration: on open source work and why open source works” by Anna Filippova [REGISTER]

Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 7:00 PM

PayPal, #14-01, Millenia Tower, 1 Temasek Avenue, Singapore

Ever wondered what open source technologies are out there and why they matter? How should you get started with open source communities? We are so excited to have our next speaker for our SG Geek Girls Maker Series share with us about her personal journey in the open source community!

Introducing our speaker: Anna Filippova

Anna Filippova, co-organizer of RubySG and current PhD Candidate at the National University of Singapore.
Anna will be sharing with us about “The paradox of online collaboration: on open source work and why open source works“.

Anna is a PhD Candidate at the National University of Singapore and co-organizer of the Singapore Ruby Meetup group. Everything she knows about computers and programming, she learned from Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) development. She is constantly trying to pay this forward.

Her research looks at the social dynamics of FOSS systems, charting how projects work, and how they work through collaboration challenges. Armed with perspectives from communications and social psychology, Anna digs into conflicts to find out what makes and breaks working together online. She hopes to improve the experience of both FOSS projects and organisations that rely on remote work.

You can find her work in peer reviewed academic publications like Computers in Human Behavior and CSCW proceedings. Anna has also appeared as a guest on, and regularly speaks at barcamps and hackathons.

Ask her how you can get involved in a project, about learning to code, or the many other ways you can become a part of the community.

Special thanks to our sponsor Paypal for the venue and food~