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SG Geek Girls Reboot! Featuring Anthea Tang, GM, Rokkan Singapore

It’s been a while since we’ve done a meetup and we’ve missed you! We had a special reboot meetup on 27th September at a brand new, swanky, co-working space in Orchard called Spacemob and had so many lovely people join us! Here’s a quick summary of the talks and the video links for you to watch the recaps if you’ve missed them! SG Geek Girls Meetup featuring Anthea Tang, GM, Rokkan Singapore Speaker #1: Anthea Tang, GM, Rokkan Singapore From a degree in industrial engineering, to working on optimizing public transport through software, and now being MD of a digital creative agency, Anthea shared about her journey with the many sides of technology and how a background in tech gave her a headstart in her career. Watch her full talk if you’re wondering how a background in tech can bring you places! Speaker #2: Roopal Kondepudi Roopal is (was) the youngest attendee of our first SG Geek Girls workshop back in 2012! 4 years on, she’s come a long way from our HTML and CSS workshop! Roopal talked about …


SG Geek Girls Maker Series #3 with Cindy Lin

In our earlier interview with Cindy, we talked about The Nenek Project. In the 3rd edition of our Maker Series talks, we had the opportunity to catch Cindy before she flew off to Michigan to do her PhD in Information Science with her talk on “Snails, herbs and Ibu-Ibu: Recounting transnational tinkering moments“. In the cosy space of IDA@Labs in National Design Centre, Cindy shared about her projects and collaborations such as: – Starting the Sewon Food Lab, a space not only for urban farming and food experimentation but also acts as a springboard for critical discussion surrounding issues such as food safety and security, agricultural productivity, health and medicine, biodiversity, and in large, our human-nonhuman relations – DIY projects and workshops such as creating personal lubricants, dispelling stereotypes in Indonesia – Making abstract paper sculptures with snail poo (!!!) – Squat & Grow, a quasi-legal gathering of tinkerers, enthusiasts and amateurs in Singapore creating a space of transient food fancy and bacteria economies. – (Re)Thinking Invasive Alien Species, a project that wishes to not only trace the introductions and establishments of invasive …

Anna speaking at SGGG

SG Geek Girls Maker Series #2: Anna Filippova

In our SG Geek Girls Makers Series #2, Anna Filippova, co-organizer of RubySG and current PhD Candidate at the National University of Singapore talked to us about the Paradox of Open Source software. The Open Source movement has been around for a long time, but here are some common myths that Anna debunked during her talk. Myth #1. Free/Open source software is a new idea Since the 1950s, the most famous group of people that were using open source software, even before that term came to be, were the academics at MIT. At that time, it was generally distributed under the principles of openness and co-operation long established in the fields of academia, and was not seen as a commodity in itself. Source code, the human-readable form of software, was generally distributed with the software itself because users frequently modified the software themselves, because it would not run on different hardware or OS without modification, and also to fix bugs or add new functionality. Richard Stallman, formerly from the MIT Lab, launched the GNU Project in 1983 to create a …


SG Geek Girls Maker Series Talk #2: The Paradox of Online Collaboration by Anna Filippova

“The paradox of online collaboration: on open source work and why open source works” by Anna Filippova [REGISTER] Details: Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 7:00 PM PayPal, #14-01, Millenia Tower, 1 Temasek Avenue, Singapore Ever wondered what open source technologies are out there and why they matter? How should you get started with open source communities? We are so excited to have our next speaker for our SG Geek Girls Maker Series share with us about her personal journey in the open source community! Introducing our speaker: Anna Filippova Anna Filippova, co-organizer of RubySG and current PhD Candidate at the National University of Singapore. Anna will be sharing with us about “The paradox of online collaboration: on open source work and why open source works“. Anna is a PhD Candidate at the National University of Singapore and co-organizer of the Singapore Ruby Meetup group. Everything she knows about computers and programming, she learned from Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) development. She is constantly trying to pay this forward. Her research looks at the social dynamics of FOSS systems, charting …

Maker Series

“The Revival of the Mechanical Arts in the Maker Movement” by Denisa Kera

Welcome to the first Singapore Geek Girls event of 2015! The Maker series highlights women in the technology who are passionate about building and sharing their work. We kick off the year by inviting Denisa Kera, Assistant Prof at NUS, who is an integral part of the Maker Movement in Asia to talk about her personal journey through various DIY, maker and hacker communities around the world, which transformed her from a philosopher to designer. Special thanks to the people who made this happen: Denisa Kera for sharing about interesting maker projects in Asia! IDALabs@NDC for providing the venue for sponsoring their awesome drinks Michael Cheng from for recording the talk! EVENT DETAILS: THE REVIVAL OF THE MECHANICAL ARTS IN THE MAKER MOVEMENT Mon Mar 2, 2015, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM SGT Level 2, National Design Centre 7PM – REGISTRATION 720PM – Revival of Mechanical Arts in the Maker movement by Denisa Kera 745PM – Q&A 8PM – 9PM – Chill out and go for dinner nearby!     DENISA KERA Denisa Kera …


SG Geek Girls – Calling for speakers in 2014!

Thank you everyone for attending all our events in 2013! We’ve had a great year and we’re very excited about 2014!   The SG Geek Girls platform has always been to encourage more females in the technology industry to come forward, share and learn from each other. In 2013 we had 7 very awesome ladies share about their work and we’re looking for even more ladies this year!   If you’d like to share something valuable to share with the rest of the community, just sign up as a speaker with us and we’ll get in touch with you! Sign up here:   We’re flexible topic-wise! (Have an opinion on Bitcoins? Built a new Javascript library? Want to share about how you learnt how to code? Come share it with the rest of us!)

SG Geek Girls Meetup

SG Geek Girls Meetup – Anatomy of a UX Practitioner

SG Geek Girls Meetup – Anatomy of a UX Practitioner (the user research edition) Why are user experience practitioners able to translate user problems to usable design? Do they have bionic sensing abilities? What is the magical blend of traits and temperaments that makes a great UX-er? Samantha Yuen interviewed 20 UX practitioners, researchers and ethnographers worldwide and uncovers some surprises that may cause you to re-evaluate your assumptions about the profession. She will also share her process for this study – from designing questions to identifying insights. Expect an interactive session – boys welcome too! (Bring a girl along!) Date: 7 Nov 2013 Time: 7PM – 830PM Venue: The Co, 75 High Street Speaker for this Meetup: Samantha Yuen Pork fat fireworks in your mouth. The unexpected pleasure of an oozy deep-fried egg. Why shouldn’t our digital experiences be as memorable? Like a great chef, Sam is on a quest to hone her craft and be of the team that serves up a feast for the senses.   Currently Regional UX Researcher and team …

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SG Geek Girls Meetup – the start-up + ux edition

Ever wonder how cool (or hard) it is to work in the field of User Experience? We’ve heard you! Our ‘UX‘ ladies, Valerie and Yan Ling will be sharing their experience and exciting journey with us in the start-up + ux edition meetup. Don’t miss this chance to hear them out and get them to answer every burning questions that you have. What’s more? Jennifer – visiting us from Hong Kong, will also be sharing her start-up story and how she founded Geek Girl (HK) Meetup. (Scroll down for more details of each speaker.)   It’s gonna be a happening night! You won’t want to miss this. REGISTER NOW! Event details: Date: 4 July 2013 Time: 7 PM – 9 PM Venue: The Co – 75 High Street. View map here. (Limited seats only. Register REGISTER NOW!   About Jennifer Founder of Prettybooked – Hong Kong’s Beauty Finder. Founder of Geek Girl Meetup HK. Consultant for Beauty Salons & Spas. ‘Nuff said?   About Valerie Valerie is a User Experience Consultant at 2359 Media, with …


Echelon 2013 is coming!

  Echelon is coming! If you’re not already familiar with this annual tech and startup conference, Echelon is a 2 day conference organized by local tech blog E27. Happening from 4-5th June 2013. It features many industry leaders, leading investors and business mentors sharing their experience and knowledge to discuss trends in digital, mobile, the internet and where Asia’s tech industry is headed. A quick look at their speakers:     SG Geek Girls is pleased to be a media partner for Echelon 2013! Looking forward to seeing you there! You can buy tickets and register here.

SG Geek Girls – Join Us!

We started out with the simple idea of wanting to get more girls interested in technology. Along the way, we’ve gotten amazing support and love from the community and we’re really thankful for that. The best thing is to see that women of all ages, shapes and sizes, can come together and learn from each other, the community and bringing their ideas to life. If you’re interested to join our team in this journey, please join us for the upcoming info session! We’ll share with you more about our philosophy, the plans we have for the rest of the year and how you can help 🙂 Singapore Geek Girls – Join US Edition Sunday, 24th March 10am – 1pm Microsoft Singapore Please help us to get to know you better before the session by signing up here.